Halo Infinite Devs Discusses the Challenges they faced during the launch of the Games Season 2

There have been many ups and downs over the long development of Halo Infinite. Following its unexpected postponement from 2020, rumors of 343 developers quitting the studio, leadership changes, and other issues began to surface. The extra year of development paid off, as the multiplayer mode was released a month early, allowing users to jump right in and start progressing.

While many people enjoyed the multiplayer in Halo Infinite, it wasn’t without issues. Battle pass advancement systems that were unduly dependent on completing weekly challenges rather than how well players played during matches were not well received by players. Season 1 was likewise extended, but 343 tried to keep things interesting by adding new patches and limited-time events. With the arrival of May, the newest Halo Infinite season, Lone Wolves, arrives, promising fresh content, rewards, and a slew of bug patches.

Season 2 of Halo Infinite wasn’t as smooth as everyone had planned, even though fans flocked to new game modes like Last Spartan Standing

Players have reported a range of issues, including challenges not tracking properly, the Battle Rifle jamming during firefights, and popular map traversal strategies being nerfed or deleted entirely. Fans took to social media and other online forums to express their dissatisfaction, much of which was quickly addressed by members of 343 Industries.

Senior community manager John Junyszek of Halo Infinite started the conversation by thanking fans for their feedback and stating that hotfixes are being applied to fix issues like the Last Spartan Standing challenges not tracking correctly. 343 creative head Joseph Staten stated that this week had been more difficult than expected and that the studio is listening to user input and considering solutions to fix the remaining issues, such as map jumps and speedrunning approaches.

To make up for Season 2’s rocky start, 343 Industries has offered a few perks for players. While the Last Spartan Standing mode tasks will be tougher, players will receive two levels on the Interference battle pass for each one completed until May 16. Players who log in before that date will also receive five challenge swaps and a one-hour XP boost.

While there have been issues with Halo Infinite in the past, 343 Industries has been fast to address them. When fans voiced their dissatisfaction with aspects of the game, such as the higher-than-expected microtransaction costs in Halo Infinite, the team made changes to lower the prices. Furthermore, the studio is still tweaking Halo Infinite in response to fan feedback, including ditching the armor core system, introducing additional story components to seasons, and more.

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