Manchester City crushed after throwing the game against Real Madrid, Players require time to ‘process’ says Guardiola

    ‘Sorry’ Manchester City players need time to ‘process’ surrender against Real Madrid, stated the Manager. He’s unsure of the impact this forfeit will have on Manchester City, revealed Pep.

    After a two-goal lead in the most theatrical match in Champions League history, the Bernabeu destroyed City by scattering several players on the arena. Real Madrid meets Liverpool later this month and Manchester City is now looking to win their fourth Premier League title in five years. They face Newcastle United at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday.

    Guardiola certainly seems to be on the horns of the dilemma of whether this yield will have a positive impact on them or not. ‘We need time now. We have to do it with our people’, he added.

    Additionally, the Manager mentions that the players tried their best and gave their all. They were so close yet they couldn’t succeed. However, according to Guardiola, these occurrences are quite common in football.

    ‘We need time to process it and come back home with our people for the last four matches. The players are sorry’, affirms Pep. Rodrigo scored twice within minutes to end the tie in extra time dramatically.

    Guardiola on Manchester City’s Performance

    Guardiola asserts that Manchester City’s first-half performance in the second leg is desired. However, the city’s defeat was quite predictable rather ‘normal’ according to the Pep’s words, as the players were under pressure.

    ‘It’s easy. We didn’t have a game in the first half, we weren’t good enough, said the Catalans. But they didn’t 

    have much difficulty, and were keeping up fine after scoring. 

    ‘We found our speed and our game and the players were comfortable’, they confirmed.

    ‘We didn’t play our best, but it’s normal, the semifinals, the players feel the pressure and want to do that, they continued. Furthermore, the Catalans added, ‘Football is unexpected, it’s a game. We have to accept that.’

    Karim Benzema wins and scores from the penalty spot to assist Madrid to reach the finals.

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