Industry’s first open standard and logo program for PC monitors is launched by VESA

    The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA®) has released the first publicly available open standard for variable refresh rate displays’ front-of-screen performance. The VESA Adaptive-Sync Display Compliance Test Specification (Adaptive-Sync Display CTS) establishes a thorough and stringent set of over 50 test criteria, an automated testing methodology, and performance requirements for PC monitors and laptops that use VESA’s Adaptive-Sync protocols.

    About VESA

    The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) is a non-profit worldwide standards organization that represents a global network of over 300 hardware, software, computer, display, and component manufacturers dedicated to the advancement and promotion of the electronics sector.

    VESA has been developing and supporting simple, universal, and cross-product solutions for the video and electronics industries for more than 30 years. DisplayPortTM, the industry’s replacement for DVI, LVDS, and VGA, is one of the association’s standards. DisplayPort is a cutting-edge digital protocol that offers an extendable basis for outstanding digital display experiences.

    Open Standard & Logo Program for Monitors

    The AdaptiveSync Display CTS also sets up a product compliance logo program with two performance tiers: AdaptiveSync Display, which is constructed for jitter-free media playback and supports all international broadcast video formats; and MediaSync Display, which is focused on gaming with significantly higher refresh rates and low latency.

    VESA Certified AdaptiveSync Display and MediaSync Display badge programs will make it easier for consumers to identify and compare the variable refresh rate performance of displays that offer AdaptiveSync before making a purchase. The VESA Certified AdaptiveSync Display and MediaSync Display marks are only awarded to monitors that pass all AdaptiveSync Display CTS and VESA DisplayPortTM compliance tests.

    VESA’s Adaptive-Sync Display CTS and logo programs, which have been in development for more than two years, were created with efforts from more than two dozen VESA member companies across the display ecosystem, including major OEMs that supply displays, graphic cards, CPUs, panels, display drivers, and other components.

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