Total War: Warhammer 3’s Immortal Empires DLC might take a long time to arrive

Total War: Warhammer 3, also known as Princess Maker for daemons, has a roadmap of forthcoming updates and expansions, with the long-awaited Immortal Empires set to arrive in Q3. Mortal Empires is Warhammer 3’s version of Mortal Empires; it’s the mode that brings together the factions from all of the series’ games on a single map, but it won’t be available until July – August – September update.

Before that, we may expect update 1.2 in May, which will address unit responsiveness, single-entity units standing around when they should be dueling, ranged and flying units staying idle, AI factions erecting towers too quickly, and other issues that players have reported. The first free DLC, Regiments of Renown, will be released around the same May-June timeframe, introducing elite units to all of the basic factions.

In addition to Immortal Empires going into beta, the July – August – September section of the roadmap mentions a second Regiments of Renown pack and another patch. Update 1.3 will focus on reworking the skill tree, increasing the frequency of field battles, strengthening Cathay’s formation assault ability, and other battle changes. The Total War Assembly Kit will also be released to aid modders in their work.

Immortal Empires will enter beta with the release of Update 2.0. The Warriors of Chaos will be the first of several planned Old World Updates, which will overhaul early game factions that were not revised for Warhammer 2. The Blood Pack DLC for Warhammer 3 and the first Lord Pack are also set to be released in version 2.0.

The roadmap ends with a letter from Richard Aldridge, the DLC game director of Total War: Warhammer 3. “Having taken over the post-launch development of WARHAMMER III,” he writes, “my team has readjusted its original gaze and focus to improve the experience of the game, based off the feedback we have received from you and continue to receive.  But in doing so, this has led to a knock-on effect with our original planned roadmap of new DLC for the game—hence the lack of info on this until now.”

While it’s bad we don’t know when DLC like the upcoming Chaos Dwarfs will be released, Aldridge was previously the DLC game director for Total War: Warhammer 2, a game that was already fantastic but was made even better by post-launch tweaks and expansions. It appears that having him and his crew takes over Warhammer 3 is a good indication.

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