Star Wars Jedi Fallen Warder Sequel rumoured to be a Next-Gen Exclusive game

    Over the last couple of years, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order has been a breath of new air on EA’s schedule. Not only did it garner excellent reviews from critics, but it also didn’t suffer from a slew of annoying microtransactions.

    We have a tiny bit of an idea, albeit unclear, on how the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order sequel would be handled thanks to VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, who claimed Grubbsnax, his premium Giant Bomb program. Let’s have a look at it in more detail.

    For the record, EA previously announced that Jedi Fallen Order is indeed getting a sequel, and Grubb’s mini-update puts a little perspective. For starters, he said, “Star Wars Jedi 2 is going to be new-gen only, where it’s PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and then of course PC. One of the reasons that they’re going to be able to do that is because it’s not coming out until 2023. This game is for sure now not coming out until 2023.”

    This shift “had certain upsides,” according to Grubb, because “they don’t have to worry about attempting to straddle these generation lines.” This idea of bringing Star Wars Jedi 2 solely to next-gen consoles may divide some fans, especially those who aren’t in a position to acquire a next-gen system right away, which could be a reasonable reason:

    When you’re in 2023 and you have several months to make it very easy to obtain an Xbox Series X, possibly a few months before it’s truly okay to buy a PS5, it’s easier to just separate yourself from those millions of PS4s and Xbox Ones out there in the world. Then you can take advantage of it by doing something new at the same time.

    Finally, Grubb believes that the Star Wars Jedi sequel will no longer be known as The Fallen Order. Despite the lack of a dedicated panel, it may be shown in some manner at the Star Wars Celebration in May.

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