The Numbers Behind Operation Rudiger: Salary, Transfer Fee, and More

    Real Madrid and Antonio Rudiger have settled an agreement which is only left with a few formalities to be done, to make it official. After several months of negotiations, the center-back will be seen appearing in the field wearing the white shirt from this summer onwards, given any sudden setbacks drop in.

    The soon-to-be-former Chelsea player will step in at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on a free transfer, as his present contract wraps up this June and there hasn’t been any discussion regarding further extension of the agreement. 

    The German always prioritized continuity at Stamford Bridge, but he was always kept away from London, concerning the sale of the club and interest from many Europeans. 

    Real Madrid was very near to grabbing a deal at the end of last year, very positive of having his affirmation, but things stopped at a point that was even looked upon as a point of no return. 

    The Champions League quarter-final had a superb turnaround to the situation, the player felt it was very obvious he should be joining hands with Los Blancos, and they, after Carlo Ancelotti’s request, summed up that the position required strengthening.

    Rudiger Decreases his Demands

    Currently, the discussion was on regarding the crucial details, the first being whether the contract is for four seasons or for an optional one, subject to several conditions. Reportedly, Rudiger will be paid around nine million euros net per season. That will make Rudiger’s salary 11 million euros per year and the total sum stands at 44 million, which is 11 million less than his initial demand. The commission will be 15 million euros. 

    Including the net salary, Real Madrid will invest around 59 million euros in him till 2026, whom they look upon as a terrific market opportunity. Thanks to his great personality he will bring experience, versatility, and leadership to the team.

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