Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22 Will soon join Xbox Game Pass and EA Play

Battlefield 2042’s player base has progressively shrunk since its terrible launch and the largely-empty months since, but it appears the game is poised to get a boost. Some people in Europe have recently reported seeing a “Game Pass” tag on the Xbox Store listings for Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22.

That would seem to imply that the games will be added to the basic EA Play catalogue (they are already available to EA Play Pro customers) and thus to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. The Game Pass tag was then deleted from the listings for Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22, but the Internet never forgets.

According to Xbox news Twitter account Idle Sloth, Battlefield 2042 and FIFA 22 will be available on EA Play/Xbox Game Pass next week

Since its release, Battlefield 2042 has suffered, with the first season of post-launch content not arriving until this summer. However, certain enhancements and new features have been implemented, such as a better scoreboard and voice chat.

Perhaps EA is expecting that an Xbox Game Pass release will help the game gain traction before the start of Season 1 this summer. FIFA 22 was added to EA Play/Game Pass at the same time as FIFA 21 last year, so its inclusion isn’t surprising.

For $15 a month, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes a subscription to EA Play and its game library. For $1, you can get a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. EA Play is $5 on its own, and EA Play Pro is $15 and includes all-new EA titles on day one.

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