Need for Speed Future is now in the hands of Codemasters Cheshire

    Given that the most recent significant release was Hot Pursuit Remastered, and nothing after that for about a year and a half, a new Need For Speed game seems inevitable. There will be no DLC for Heat, the series’ 2019 effort, and no updates to Hot Pursuit Remastered. Since November 2020, this series has been very quiet.

    The deadline for EA’s next fiscal year is April 1st, 2023 (and no, that’s not a joke). If somebody is working on a new title for the series, the Codemasters Cheshire team will be able to assist them. Previously, series regular Criterion Games was working on the upcoming Need for Speed game before being pulled to assist Battlefield 2042 — and we all know how that turned out.

    Following that calamity, Need for Speed has resurfaced as a top priority. Pete Johnson, EA’s Senior Recruiter, revealed in a LinkedIn post that the team is searching for “an experienced Producer to deliver the future of Need for Speed.”

    Codemasters Cheshire enters the picture because they’re working hand-in-hand with Criterion to make it happen, and hopefully, it works out.

    Codemasters Cheshire has been working on racing games for a long time and has even produced the more recent DIRT 5 (which received mixed reviews on Metacritic), as well as the WRC FIA Rally series, the Motorstorm series, and Driveclub. Hopefully, the new Need for Speed will be in excellent hands, free of interference from the upper management.

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