Overwatch 2 Alpha: let’s talk Sojourn Abilities, Orisa, And Bastion Rework

    First and foremost, Overwatch 2 looks incredibly stunning. The landscapes are crisp and clean, and the hero’s appearance has been updated and revitalized. Opening Overwatch 2 was similar to the first time you played Overwatch, but with improved visuals and performance. The new maps appeared to be vivid and dynamic, which was a welcome change of pace after so many years of the same map lineups in Overwatch. Along with the callout system in Overwatch 1, there’s a new ping system that allows you to point out specific foes.

    Let’s discuss new updates for Sojourn, Bastion, and Orisa in Overwatch 2

    Sojourn is a damaged hero, and in Overwatch, damage heroes are divided into two types: hitscan and projectile, each with their own set of strengths, weaknesses, and skill levels. Sojourn is a versatile character who can deal projectile and hits can damage. “She has this projectile weapon,” Goodman explained, “that racks up a lot of your damage.” “And her alternate firing is this fantastic railgun attack, which is also the basis of her kit.”

    The primary firing of her weapon fires a projectile that must be precisely directed. Her weapon’s secondary fire, a railgun that delivers a blast that may deal huge damage the more energy it has, is boosted by successful hits. Sojourn’s disruptor shot snares and slows opponents while recharging her secondary fire.

    Her power slide helps her to quickly dodge through protective barriers, allowing her to get closer to the opposing healers’ delicate underbelly. Overclock, Sojourn’s ultimate ability, supercharges her railgun’s secondary fire, allowing her to fire it numerous times at maximum damage for a limited time. Overclock is what Genji’s Dragon Blade ability would be like if he used a rifle instead of a sword, according to the Overwatch blog post introducing Sojourn.


    With Bastion, you’ll notice that the robot is no longer capable of self-repair. A change to Bastion will result in a transformation between two primary combat modes that lasts eight seconds and has a ten-second cooldown. His weapon’s fire rate has been decreased by 50%, and its spread has been reduced to zero. He can now move while firing, although movement is slowed. His weapon now has infinite ammo, but its damage has been reduced by 40%. The robot may now fire a grenade that bounces off walls and sticks to adversaries and floors, and he can manually target three distinct spots on the battlefield to attack.


    Orisa’s Protective Barrier, Halt, and Supercharger powers have been disabled. When Fortify is active, it receives 125 temporary health, is slowed by 25%, and the heat generated by fire is reduced by 50%. The Augmented Fusion Driver now fires enormous projectiles that start large and shrink as they travel, and instead of ammo/reload, it relies on a heat mechanic. She now has a new ability called Energy Javelin, which can stun and knock an adversary back, and it’s much more devastating if the enemy strikes the wall.

    Javelin Spin is a new ability she has that may shatter projectiles, force adversaries back, and enhance forward speed. Terra Surge, her new Ultimate, allows her to sweep in adversaries and anchor down, giving her the Fortify effect and charging up a wave of damage. To unleash the surge early, you employ primary fire.

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