Barcelona Investigating One Fan For the Resale of 2,000 Tickets in the Thick of Frankfurt Scandal

    The fallout from Barcelona’s UEFA Europa League confrontation against the Eintracht Frankfurt last Thursday continues to grab attention at the headline. The game witnessed the end of Barca’s European journey after being beaten 2-3 at home. The day was defaced by the ticketing scandal, leading to more than 30,000 German supporters flocking to Camp Nou when earlier only 5,000 away tickets had been issued.

    The Frankfurt Ticket Scandal Still Continues to Catch the Headlines: Barcelona Investigates

    Initially during this week while speaking about the issue, Barcelona president Joan Laporta threw some light on the matter, suggesting that a number of club social had misused their privileges, selling the tickets to German supporters, while also saying that the club would be against the act of ticket reselling. 

    Now, as per a new report, Barcelona is on an investigation and they are questioning one fan in particular who is noted for reselling match tickets at Camp Nou

    It is stated that the fan managed to fix a resale of 2,000 tickets that went into the hands of German supporters for the Europa League match. The club has been made concerned about this and is looking into it. Chances are there that the club might bring charges against the perpetrator and a stadium ban could come into the scenario too, as clued from Laporta’s press conference. 

    More updates on the issue are available as Barcelona keeps up with the investigation and looks to initiate measures in place to stay away from such incidents in any of the upcoming games. 

    Confronting Real Sociedad last night, Barcelona landed a 0-1 win against them after the massive goal from Emerick Aubameyang. Xavi has suggested the team not be carried away with this win.

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