Apex Legends Season 13 might soon be housing Titanfall 2’s Spectres

    The Apex Legends development team has released another teaser for the battle royale game, this time implying that BRD-01 Automated Infantry “Spectres” will be introduced in Season 13. The mechanical troops may have appeared on Storm Point as a result of the map being flooded and/or being attacked by a large creature.

    A security protocol is being initiated on a computer on Storm Point, as seen in the tweet attached below. The protocol appears to indicate the deployment of special loot bins, weapon racks, and Spectre troop containers to Storm Point, with the latter corroborated by a holographic image of a Spectre head in the computer screen’s bottom-right corner.

    In Titanfall and Titanfall 2, Spectres are advanced, militarised MRVN units that are frequently seen battling alongside Grunts and Pilots. Spectres are more powerful than Grunts and can be dangerous if attacked in large numbers. They are, however, slow and can be flanked; they can also be hacked to fight alongside you.

    Storm Point is Apex Legends’ most heavily PvE-focused level, featuring both Prowlers and Spiders throughout, thus Spectres joining the fray isn’t out of the question. However, their history as hackable soldiers raises intriguing potential. If Spectres make an appearance in Apex Legends Season 13, it’s feasible that Respawn may design them in such a way that they can be recruited to help your squad combat rival teams.

    Spectres have only been seen in Apex Legends through cinematic trailers thus far, first in the Season 5: Fortune’s Favor launch trailer and then again in Stories from the Outlands: Fight Night. They were proven to be significantly more aggressive and sophisticated in fighting skills than in the Titanfall games in the latter. So, in the years since Titanfall 2, Spectres may have gotten a bit of an improvement.

    Season 13 of Apex Legends is expected to begin in early May. Newcastle is most likely the playable character to be added during the upcoming season, according to a massive alleged Apex Legends leak—I’m confident Newcastle is Bangalore’s brother, Jackson Williams, as Newcastle was hinted at during Control when the mode reappeared for a little time. Season 13 has yet to receive an official announcement from Respawn.

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