World Simpsons Day: Top 5 Most Popular Predictions of The Simpsons

Tuesday, the 19th of April was World Simpsons Day, and there have been numerous tributes on social networks from tons of fans of Homer, Marge, and the rest of the family. Thirty-five years after its first appearance on television, the series is still getting fans and including more episodes to its classical run, within which it has become popular for the brilliant predictions that have turned out to be true in real life. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable predictions from Simpsons that have come true.

Five Memorable Simpsons Predictions That Went True

Have a look at the top five shocking predictions that didn’t go false. 

1: The 9/11 Attacks: In the episode ‘New York’ vs ‘Homer’ from season 9, Bart displays a flyer with a ‘9’ just next to the silhouette of the twin towers, which creates an ’11’, making 9/11 the date of the furious attacks. 

2: President Donald Trump: In the 11th season, and an episode named ‘Bart to the Future‘, Lisa Simpson replaces Trump as the US President. 

3: The Ebola Epidemic: In the episode entitled, ‘Lisa’s Saxophone, from season nine, Marge suggests Bart read a book titled Curious George and the Ebola Virus. 

4: Brazil WorldCup 2014, Neymar’s Injury: In the episode named You Don’t have to live like a referee, from the 25th season, Homer is a World Cup referee, and faces Brazil’s star injury when the game is midway. 

5: Russia’s War Against the West: In the ninth season, in Simpson’s Dizzy episode, Lenin is resurrected, and Homer unfastens a global conflict. Russia becomes the USSR again, confirming war against the United States.  

These were some of the memorable predictions by the Simpsons’ that even turned out to be real in reality.

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