DualSense can now be used on PCs without PS5

    Sony has created a Windows PC application that allows the DualSense controller to be updated without having to connect it to a PlayStation 5. A DualSense controller can only be upgraded under normal circumstances by connecting it to a PS5 via USB connection.

    The DualSense and PS5 updates are not the same. Only when the DualSense is connected to the system can it be upgraded, which can be inconvenient depending on the player’s arrangement. It can be a headache to wire up a controller only to update its firmware if the PS5 is in an entertainment center on the opposite side of the room, especially if users have multiple controllers.

    Many users prefer to charge their DualSense with a USB cable or via their computer. There are additional charging stands that can charge multiple controllers at the same time, with the official one requiring no connection to the PS5.

    People who use their PS5 DualSense controller on a PC are in luck, because the DualSense may now be updated via the PC. The official PlayStation website has published an application that allows players to update their DualSense controller without having to connect it to their PS5.

    The small aggravation of having to deal with the PS5’s update screen is gone with this version. If the player uses the power button to start the console on a DualSense that hasn’t been updated, they will be greeted with a prompt screen before being able to access the user menu or home screen. The PS5 can be set to defer any future updates for 24 hours, however, the player will be stuck on this screen until the firmware update is completed. People who keep their PS5 hidden away in an entertainment cabinet won’t have to fiddle with it whenever a controller update is made.

    The DualSense, like the Xbox Series X/S controller, is an excellent choice for PC gaming. For compatible titles, DualSense capabilities like haptic feedback and adaptable controllers are also available on the Steam client. The PlayStation Now PC app will hopefully be updated for wireless DualSense functionality once the PlayStation Plus service redesign comes in June.

    Sony has stated that older PS4 and PS5 exclusives would be coming to the PC platform in the future, so it’s a positive hint that the DualSense will include PC-specific programs to let it run without a PlayStation 5.

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