Barcelona is likely to receive a massive cash injection by settling on a €1.5 billion loan

    After former CEO Ferran Reverter’s backstabbing efforts failed, FC Barcelona is on the verge of receiving a large cash infusion. Ferra Reverter, according to Mundo Deportivo, has advised Goldman Sachs that the €1.5 billion loan to the Catalan club may be a bad decision.

    However, arrangements between the club and the financial department are amicable, so no such stumbling block is envisaged. Since Joan Laporta became the president of Barcelona, Ferran Reverter has not been a part of the Espai Barça initiative. Ferran Reverter, the club’s esteemed CEO, stepped down as a result of this decision.

    Reverter was Responsible for Huge Loan?

    Reverter was the person in charge of organizing and negotiating the club’s €1.5 billion loan with Goldman Sachs. According to reports, the former CEO traveled to the United States to speak with potential investors for the Espai Barça project.

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    However, after resigning from his position and ceasing to be linked with the Catalan club in any way, Reverter has frequently advised investment bankers that making such a large loan could be a bad decision.

    Reverter has revealed that the Espai Barça project and the club’s effective restoration are not in the best of hands and that securing such a large loan would be worthy of considerable risk.

    Barcelona and Reverter

    Despite Reverter’s backstabbing, it has been claimed that the investment bankers and Barcelona have reached an amicable agreement and that the loan will be funded.

    However, given the current global political situation, the loan could be delayed for a variety of reasons. Due to the ongoing turmoil in Ukraine caused by Russia’s invasion, the loan is likely to be delayed.

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