All The Best Android 13 Features that  You Should Definitely Know

Android 12 has made a big foundation as the biggest Android OS update since 2014 and the latest Android 13 release also embedded many features that will put and twists the user interface in subtle ways. This time Android 13 includes many significant, behavioural, and platform changes under the covering like the several new platform APIs as the developers should know about that.

As a large-screen device, in particular, Android 13  also makes the increment and also the features that have been previously seen in Android 12L as the features reveal on to the large screen devices. Android 13’ss future preview versions maybe contain some changes or modifications in the feature set, APIs, behaviours, our at the UI.

Android 13: Features

Audio Description Accessibility

In this  Android 13, there is the latest “Audio Description”  toggle. Now the description of the toggle also follows the features like selecting an audio soundtrack along with an audio description by default. There is also a latest Audio Description Requested process for the manager accessibility as the applications can evoke to resolve if the user wants to select a  soundtrack along with an audio description by default. Audio description is definitely a vital part as information can be transported in audio form instead of chatting.

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Text followed by Accessibility Magnifier

For that you have to pass Settings> accessibility> Magnification and the new ” Follow typing”  toggle as it has been added for making the  “magnification area automatically”. The toggle value is stored in Settings. Secure.accessibility_magnification_follow_typing_enabled.

Quick Settings tiles, Color Correction, & Privacy Controls

  • The Quick Settings tileset to toggle color correction
  • There is also the one-handed mode that has been disabled by default in AOSP and also can be able along with ‘ true. The one-handed settings also should not even appear on the large screen devices.
  • There is a new  Quick Setting tileset to launch with Privacy Controls from where the users can be able to toggle the camera, microphone, and also location availability. The latest Privacy controls contain the shortcut that launches the security settings.
  • The  Quick setting tile also for that “device Controls” also will have the title changed to “Home”  while the users also selected  Google  Home as  Controls provider.
Android 13 may ship with a redesigned audio output picker

Audio Output Picker

Google is going to release a redesigned audio output picker menu along with Android 13. The latest feature will continue the work in the same way, but it removed the button for it in the media player. The new feature adds a volume slider button shaping like a bubble. The selected audio device also will be able to highly entertain along with that checkmark.

Application Tongue

Google with Android 13 has dropped a new feature that is nicknamed ‘Palingual’ that also will allow the users for defining language settings on the basis of the application. The users allow for the integration with the UI in such a  global language and also have some different languages with several applications by following theirs. The new feature arrives as  ‘App languages’ with the options of ‘Languages & Input’ settings that can be accessed by ‘App info’ settings.

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Notification’s Runtime Permissions       

For tackling spam notifications that are like introducing the latest runtime permission “POST_NOTIFICATIONS” feature  The latest feature users v also will be provided an option that opt-in for the notifications and making it a  specific and voluntary option for all. Users get the access to choose if an application can be able to send the notifications or not. The users are able to choose run time permissions of the features like Location and Camera.


It is an Android Resource Economy that focuses on energy use management along with the latest feature that has been working through AlarmManager and JobScheduller policies. TARE  also will reveal the ” Android Resource Credits” feature that definitely limits how many tasks an app can schedule depending on the level of the battery.

Lock Screen Layout

Android 13 featured the latest toggle floor the layout of the clock onto the lock screen with the feature users can be able to hold the single-line layout for the clock persistently.

Scanning QR codes will be faster with Android 13 - Tech News

Modified QR Code Scanning

In this Android 13, Google had been added a  toggle to get access to the QR Scanner from the lock screen. The new feature can be a  shortcut for the dedicated QR-identifications camera mode or just an easy-to-scan QR code feature.

Media tap-to transfer

This latest Media tap-to Transfer feature basically showcases chip notifications along with some of the contextually useful information while users already playing with media with their smartphones, and getting closer as receiver devices. After that, you will be able to transfer the media file to the device for playing, after completing the transfer you also will be able to undo the transfer. In this the hidden SystemUI flag that features a command-line interface that also becomes available. The commands are used by Google with such a quick prototype as the sender/receiver flow.

Bluetooth LE Audio support

Bluetooth LE  Audio is definitely a next-gen  Bluetooth standard. This feature has lower power consumption with higher audio quality by using Low Complicity Communications Codes (LC3). It also reveals the latest location-based audio sharing, multi-device audio broadcasting, and also supporting hearing aid.

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MIDI 2.0  support

The instrument frick people will be happy by knowing that Android 13 introduces the support for the MIDI 2.0 standard. This MIDI 2.0  also had introduced in late  2020 through this people can communicate with each other by auto-configure themselves. The latest standard makes it easy for the controller to utilize sand adding such enhancement with 32-bit resolution!.

Hub Mode

As Google believes tablets as the new future of Android so they have invested in the latest tablet division at Android that helps to oversee some of the new features. It is basically named as ‘communal mode’ that also lets the users share the applications in-between profiles on that common surface. This app can enable multiple users to share a  common surface.

Material You dynamic  styles

Google reveals dynamic colors that are the latest Material You design language. The  Dynamic color support is also set to come on more devices from the other OEMs. This dynamic   Google’s color engine grabs such a  single source color from the wallpapers of the users and can generate 5  tonal palettes in each has been comprising 13 tonal colors with luminance. Each color has undefined hue and  Chroma values generated at the runtime by Monet. Monet is a codename of Google’sdynamic color engine. The fabricated overlays color engine contains 3 accent and  2 neutral tonal palettes that can be generated by using that specification.

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Android 13: Release Date

Google confirms Android 13 will launch in Q3 2022. It contains two developers’ previews and   4 betas before the official Q3 release. It is expected that Android 13  will reach the Platform Stability along with that third beta release in June 2022. The SDK and  API  of Android 13  will face system checking that also will be finalized. Android 13   will release with the framework  API level 33.

Android 13 also can be installed on PCs via Android Emulator, compatible pixel devices, specific flashable images, and Generic System Image. Pixel gadgets also have been eligible for the installation of the Android 13 Developer Preview containing the Pixel 4,< Pixel 4 XL, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 5, pixel 5a  along with 5G, Pixel 6, and Pixel 6 Pro.

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