Elden Ring has now been completed in Less Than 7 Minutes

    Thanks to an incredible performance from Distortion2, who smashed his record with the first sub-seven minute clear, the Elden Ring speedrun world record is now 6:59. Distortion2 recently declared daring plans to attempt a sub-seven-minute run after reducing Elden Ring’s any percent category – which simply requires hitting the end credits in any way possible – to a mere eight minutes and change.

    Speedrun records are frequently updated in stages, with tiny discoveries and tweaks shaving seconds off the clock. But now and again, you’ll see enormous leaps, and Distortion2’s newest attempt is certainly impressive, given how close this Elden Ring speedrun category has already become.

    This run employs the well-known zip technique, which launches players to kingdom come by exploiting a precisely timed guard frame flaw. Distortion2 may fly straight to the Four Belfreys and Maliketh in Farum Azula, kill him twice with the same exploit, and then yet via ashen Lyndell. He can visit the last section without battling anything by force-spawning the Elden Beast and effectively dropping it out of the world with another zip.

    The official timing of completion for the Elden Ring Game is recorded as 7:01

    The stream timer on Distortion2 recorded his run at 7:01 for Elden Ring, although this is due to technological limitations and occasional load times. His newly created character’s in-game timer certifies the first-ever sub-seven percent clear.

    Setting up the final zip to kill the Elden Beast, Distortion2 ran upon a minor snag. This exploit’s activation frames are extremely tight, and it took him a few more tries to get it perfect. A sub-seven clear would’ve been out of reach if he’d botched that last zip even one more time. While this theoretically means that a quicker run is conceivable based on the speedrun community’s existing understanding of the game, Distortion2 claims he’s finished with this race “unless new stuff is found.” All hail Elden Ring

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