Dying Light 2 to get a new patch and New Game Plus in April

According to developers Techland, the third major patch for Dying Light 2 Stay Human will be released this month, and it will include a mode that has been requested since the game’s release: New Game+.

This mode, which has become a mainstay in so many other games, has now been confirmed for Patch 3, allowing players to replay the game with some or all of their earned gear maintained for subsequent playthroughs. Techland teased that there would be more in this update, calling it “one of the biggest fixes” the game has ever received.

On social media this week, the creators discussed the New Game+ feature and the remainder of Patch 3’s content. Of course, it’ll include the repairs that players have come to expect from each of these upgrades, but the primary hook will be the ability to repeat Dying Light 2 without having to relinquish everything you’ve earned.

“Our team is working hard on patch 3 for DL2 Stay Human,” Techland said. “It will be one of the biggest patches we’ve released so far. Apart from many fixes for both multi and single-player mode, it will also introduce a New Game+ mode, giving you more reasons to re-visit The City.”

Techland went on to state that the current aim is to release the update by the end of the month, which implies that while it’s not a 100% guarantee that it’ll be published in April, players should at least expect it.

Dying Light 2 new update is confirmed to arrive this month

In Techland’s tweets, it was also unclear how this New Game+ option would work in terms of what it would allow players to bring over to subsequent playthroughs and what, if anything, would not. Unless the issue is resolved earlier, the patch notes that come with the update should clarify everything, so gamers won’t have to wait long to find out.

People have been wondering about the prospect of a New Game+ mode in Dying Light 2 over the last few weeks as they proceeded through the game and completed their first playthroughs. The developers have previously stated that they are aware of the requests, but have not committed to providing such an option.

The next major update for Dying Light 2 should arrive before the end of the month, so expect patch notes soon.

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