Ubisoft re-entering Battle Royale with “hero-shooter” Pathfinder

    According to a new report, Ubisoft isn’t done trying to break into the battle royale arena, with a new third-person hero shooter take on the genre provisionally titled Pathfinder in the early stages of development at Ubisoft Montreal.

    According to Exporter, Tom Henderson has seen photographs and footage of the game in action, and it appears to be similar to Ubisoft’s current battle royale, Hyper Scape, but more “cartoony in nature.”

    Pathfinder is described as a PvPvE take on battle royale, with players fighting AI foes as well as other players as they work their way to the map’s center to confront a boss-like enemy. Players must breach an outer and inner wall via a series of gates to reach the boss in the center, with the gates that are breachable or locked changing per battle.

    According to Henderson, the game will be a “hero shooter,” meaning that players will be able to choose from a variety of playable characters, each with their own set of powers. Pathfinder will feature a social arena similar to Destiny, where players may buy, try out weapons at a firing range, participate in events, and engage with other players.

    Ubisoft building Pathfinder with tips from Hyper Scape’s failure

    Pathfinder is being developed by the same firm that created 2020’s Hyper Scape, which will close on April 28. Ubisoft claimed in a statement announcing the shutdown of the Hyper Scape servers that “important learnings” from the failed battle royale would be incorporated into future products.

    Pathfinder will not be the only Ubisoft battle royale game in development if and when it is officially announced. Last year, Ubisoft announced Ghost Recon: Frontline as a free-to-play game, only to postpone a planned multiplayer test indefinitely to deliver “the greatest experience possible.”

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