Xbox Game Pass Family Plan is on its way

According to a report from Windows Central, Microsoft is working on a family plan for Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft is rumoured to be working on a family subscription plan that would allow cheaper access to what is now known as Game Pass without the need to share an account.

According to a report from Windows Central, Microsoft is working on an Xbox Game Pass family plan that will allow users to add family members to their subscription at a lower average user fee. According to a new source, Microsoft wants to provide a five-person Xbox Game Pass option later this year, making gifting the entire Xbox Game Pass family a lot easier and cheaper. With Sony’s recent announcement of the reinvention of the PlayStation Plus membership service, now is an opportune opportunity for Microsoft to add more content to PC Game Pass. Microsoft will undoubtedly make other announcements in the wake of PlayStation’s introduction of its rival PlayStation Plus subscription service.

With the declaration of greater control over what each service delivers, now appears to be the ideal time for Microsoft to fill one of the few remaining gaps. However, it appears that Microsoft is collecting notes and will proceed following its plan.

According to the article, “reliable people familiar with Microsoft’s operations” have informed Windows Central that Microsoft is working on introducing this functionality, not as a future feature, but as a feature set to go out later this year. Companies that provide group plans typically allow each member to have their profile, while the master account has control over who is added to the subscription. Families and friends who wish to save a few dollars each month by subscribing to a plan that caters to numerous users rather than paying for an individual account prefer family subscription programmes.

Xbox Game Pass Family pack is a welcome offer, but pricing matters

Pricing is also unknown, but it’s encouraging to see Microsoft working on it, especially because Netflix and other similar streaming services offer family plans. According to reports, the new family plan would allow five users in one country to access the whole library of Game Passes with a single subscription, which will be “far cheaper” than purchasing five separate passes.

Understanding the finer issues of royalty distribution and licencing the game for an account with many users was the biggest roadblock to offering the family plan option. One of the numerous difficulties in this endeavour is determining how royalties will be allocated among creators whose games are included in the new system. Microsoft is also said to be planning to employ the Microsoft Family Account system, which is presently available to Office 365 subscribers. If this is accurate, Microsoft may try to compete with Nintendo, Netflix, and Disney+ by selling all-inclusive family plans.

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