OneXPlayer could get Steam Deck software as a future inspiration

Valve’s portable Steam Deck has made a major stir in the portable gaming arena since its release. Many gamers are questioning whether the new mobile gaming PC is a better option than something like a gaming laptop. However, the Stream Deck isn’t the only portable PC on the market, and some of its rivals are looking to Valve’s inventions for inspiration for future products. one such is OneXPlayer, a new name in the market.

OneXPlayer is known for producing high-end portable devices, but the advantages of the Steam Deck were obvious even in our recent assessment of the One-Netbook OneXPlayer Mini.

OneXPlayer is a premium version of Valve’s Steam Deck

While they are very useful equipment with a lot of power, the Stream Deck’s less expensive options and specific software are helping it gain favour. If you’ve ever wished for a more premium Steam Deck, OneXPlayer may be ready to deliver.

The OneXPlayers are now running Windows, which is convenient for familiarity but does not make optimal use of the form factor. Steam Decks run a version of Linux called SteamOS, which leverages Proton to get games working on the Linux platform, giving them an advantage over their competitors in terms of general use and compatibility.

OneXPlayer, according to an interview with WPC, is considering a Linux-based solution in the future, possibly even SteamOS. As a result, we may start to see portable PC gaming consoles with high-end specs and well-optimized software.
Elden Ring has just been updated to operate considerably better on SteamOS thanks to caching modifications. Because these improvements are being made on portable computers, they should benefit any platform that can benefit from the specialised software. In short, the feasibility of portable PCs from all brands may be on the rise.

This might be a benefit for high-end portable PCs in the case of one player. One of the biggest drawbacks we discovered with the small was that some games wouldn’t run at all, and other parts were difficult. Many of these issues are likely to be fixed by SteamOS, finally giving these high-end machines a chance to feel like it on the inside and out.

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