The Gilded Age: Is the HBO Historical Drama Based on a Real Story?

    The Gilded Age Official Trailer

    HBO launched a brand new drama named The Gilded Age. The terrific film and small screen company released episode 1 of Season 1 on 21st March.

    What is The Gilded Age About?

    The show is a historical American drama television program developed and written by Julian Fellowes. Set in the United States during the Gilded Age, a time of economic growth in the northern and western parts of the USA. The show starts in the 1880s when the Russell family shifted across the street from the esteemed van Rhijn-Brook family, who are part of the old-money establishment in New York City. 

    Marian Brook, a naive young woman, gets into the rigid social scene of New York’s elite society and learns about life’s difficult realities from her both aunts and her love interest. The program is a visual show and special mention should be about the set design and costuming that is spectacular.

    Is the Show Based on a True Story?

    No, the Gilded Age is not based on a real story but happened in a truly historical period. It even depicts real-life individuals, or at least, a comparison of them. 

    George Russell, a robber baron, never had any existence. Nevertheless, it is a fictional edition of a real historical figure named Jay Gould. According to Morgan Spector, Gould was a railroad magnate of the 1880s. 

    In a promo video, Spector said that he is a 19th-century industrialist. He further added that Gould was actually vilified in the papers at that time. He was a person who became the kind of existing embodiment of every inequality of that period. The statement further read, 

    He has such insane levels of power and sometimes he uses them on really vulnerable people and just crushes them like ants. There’s an aspect of George where he gives his own fury free rein sometimes almost inhuman. 

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