Will we see Xbox consoles getting raytracing in the future?

    Microsoft appeared to start testing raytracing in Minecraft this week, but this was a mistake. The function has now been disabled. The function was included in an Xbox preview update, but it was swiftly removed as word of its inclusion spread.

    A raytracing preview was included in the update for both Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, but Microsoft claims it should never have been included in the first place.

    The Xbox Series X was the first console to enable ray tracing, which had previously only been available on computers. Gamers no longer need to invest in pricey gaming setups only to get realistic lighting, thanks to new and improved hardware. While the number of games that support ray tracing is still small, it is growing as more creators incorporate technology into their latest projects.

    Ray tracing can’t be turned on with the Xbox Series X’s system controls; it can only be done through in-game menus.

    Although Microsoft has already cancelled the update and stated that it would not be arriving at Xbox consoles anytime soon, it does indicate that the functionality is in the works. In other words, it could someday make its way to Xbox platforms.

    Raytracing is presently only accessible in Minecraft on Windows, and it is aided by Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling process, which boosts frame rates.

    In other news, Minecraft historians just discovered a long-lost Minecraft update. In 2010, the Secret Saturday update (Alpha 1.1.1) was only available for 3 hours. Given the now-disappearing nature of the new raytracing update, it’s unclear whether Xbox gamers will ever resurrect this long-defunct Minecraft edition.

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