Ralf Rangnick suggested that referees should train with Premier League clubs, and it may happen next season

According to rumors, the Premier League is expected to support a plan that would allow referees to train with clubs beginning next season. The suggestion is thought to have been made by Manchester United interim head coach Ralf Rangnick to enhance relationships between officials and players.

About the Ragnick’s Proposal

Following several contentious judgments this season, certain managers have aired their worries. PGMOL chairman Mike Riley personally apologized to Everton manager Frank Lampard after the Toffees were the victims of a couple of bad calls.

Others have criticized VAR’s use and the uncertainty of the ‘evident error’ advice supplied to referees when reversing judgments. There have also been complaints about certain offside calls being late. And now, in a startling move triggered by Man Utd’s Rangnick, it appears that the Premier League is willing to improve relations between officials and teams.

Premier League and PGMOL

Meetings between the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) and Premier League managers, according to reports, have resulted in the Premier League wanting to explore referee training with clubs. Rangnick is said to have received surprising support from his peers throughout the two-day meeting.

The German, who is due to leave his position at Old Trafford in the summer, feels that officials and players would have stronger ties if they didn’t only see each other on matchdays. They may be able to use the premier facilities of Premier League clubs when officiating training matches as a result of the shift.

Mike Riley, the head of the PGMOL, appears to be on board with the suggestion. Another subject raised at the meeting was the use of dedicated VAR officers rather than rotating referees who have varying degrees of success when it comes to overseeing technology.

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