Oscar 2022: Who Has the Highest Oscar Nominations in History?

Last Sunday, the Academy Awards took place and though the audience is already acquainted with most of the nominations, it can be interesting to denote who has the highest nominations in the history of this prestigious show. We can decode two ways to break down this answer; one could be for the highest nominations for living persons and another for a living or dead person. 

We will talk about the two segments in detail, mentioning the names of the record holders who hold massive contributions to the history of cinema and music.

Highest Nominations in the Oscar History

If we discuss the maximum Oscar nominations for a living person, it belongs to the terrific legendary composer John Williams who broke his own record in 2020. He easily passed his own record of highest nominations by adding the 52nd one in his cabinet in 2020. Thanks to his amazing masterpiece Star Wars: The Rose of Skywalker. 

His first nomination was in 1967 for Valley of the Dolls and his first win was in 1971 for Fiddler on the Roof. Summing up, the musician has landed five Oscars, in addition to a massive 25 Grammy Awards. 

Among other films where Williams collaborated that helped him earn nominations were Jaws, Schindler’s List, Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, and ET: The Extra-Terrestrial. 

Surprisingly, he wasn’t nominated in both 2021 and 2022 but given the stunning track record, he doesn’t even need to!

Highest Nominations for a Person Living or Dead

Speaking about the highest nominations in Oscar for a person living or dead, it’s not Williams who holds the highest nominations record. This record belongs to another supremely unparalleled figure of cinema and animation, Walt Disney. He passed away in 1966 and got 59 nominations in the most popular and prestigious ceremony!

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