Bridgerton: Here’ the list of all books in the series and how to read them in order

    Fans of the Bridgerton series are excited because this Friday, March 25th, the second season is premiering on Netflix. The audience will be even able to learn more about another of the brothers of this family in London. Big thanks to the gossip of Lady Whistledown who will be accompanying us for several editions. 

    The audience needs to wait a bit to see if Netflix announces a season for each book. Let’s see here to read those books incorrect order. Author Julia Quinn earlier denoted that each book of the volume consists of its own story and every story comes with its book. It indicates you can give each book an independent read but it’s better to have than order to avoid spoilers.

    Right Order To Read Bridgerton Books

    The Duke and I

    The first of all of them was the plot for the first season of the Netflix series that had its premiere in December 2020, although it was penned in 2000. The story revolves around Daphne, the sister who falls for Duke of Hastings, who is pressurized by all the ladies to marry their daughters.

    The Viscount Who Loved

    This part, set in 1814, is based on Anthony Bridgerton, the elder brother and the heir to the title for Lady Whistledown. He’s the male protagonist of the season, his eyes only fixed on Katrina Sheffield. However, she has never set eyes on him.

    I Give You My Heart

    This book focuses on Benedict Bridgerton and Sophie Beckett, the unacknowledged daughter of the Earl of Penwood, whose stepmother and stepsisters didn’t provide her a very pleasant time.

    Seducing Mr. Bridgerton

    This edition is committed to Colin Bridgerton, who starts a friendship with Penelope Featherington, the best friend to his sister Eloise.

    To Sir Philip, with Love

    Eloise Bridgerton is in the limelight of the fifth book as after her best friend’s wedding, all the interest is on her due to her bachelorhood.

    The Heart of a Bridgerton

    This volume focuses on Francesca, the sixth sister. She was married early to John, Earl of Kilmartin, from whom she was widowed quickly after he looks for solace in Michel, her deceased husband’s best friend.

    For a Kiss

    Hyacinth Bridgerton, who has lost all interest in dancing seasons in London, is a focus for this instalment.

    Looking for a Wife

    This is the final saga, meant for the youngest male of the family, Gregory Bridgerton who is the most romantic and is looking for the woman of his dreams. 

    Beyond these volumes there are two more instalments namely Bridgerton: Happily Ever After and Because of Miss Bridgerton.

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