Spider Man No Way Home: Did You Identify These ‘Invisible’ VFX in the Tom Holland Starrer Blockbuster?

Kelly Port, the visual effects supervisor of Spider Man No Way Home pointed out some interesting facts about the movie in a new video shared by Vanity Fair. He emphasized on the ‘invisible effects’ in the film and revealed that only 80 shots in the movie went without visual effects. Moreover, he showed the door to Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, and detailed that the leaves, trees, and the facade of the construction around it were all digital creations.

Spider Man No Way Home: What did Kelly Port Reveal About the Visual Effects?

Port said that even though it didn’t appear to be a visual effect but it absolutely was. The set was built in Atlanta and they just had the door and steps. He further added how they had to extend all the specific areas and that’s a regular practice that they set extensions. Port then added that all the cars and trees were CG. 

Even for the pedestrian creation, CG was used and some other shots were captured on blue screen. In fact, the scene where Flash Thompson is seen to have a chat on the phone to Peter Parker was actually shot from different directions, concerning the party being shot on another day and the actor wasn’t available.

Credits: Tumgir

He had to be shot on a different day, so this was an invisible effect. It looks like a normal shot, but it’s not. 

While they filmed various aerial shots for the scene where Spidey was in search for the Harvard Vice Chancellor in New York City, they had to change the under renovation tower and manufacture a new CG tower. Port also showed the de-ageing effects in the Spider Man No Way Home film, which were applied on both Alfred Molina and William Defoe, who had been cast in the actual Spider Man trilogy. He even gave a glimpse of the action scenes between Doc Ock and Spiderman and the BTS was very different to what was actually portrayed on screen.

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