Premier League referee Mike Dean will quit from his on-field officiating at the end of this season

    According to reports, Premier League referee Mike Dean will retire from his on-field job, and will take up the role of a full-time VAR (Video Assistant Referee). Sources also verify that Mike Dean is in negotiations to hang up his boots and move to the video room before the 2022-23 campaign.

    Mike Dean as a referee in the Premier League

    Mike Dean has been one of the most recognized officials in English top-tier football and is also the record holder in showing the most red cards, 114 in the history of the English Premier League.

    The 53-year-old official had plenty of experience in this business and has been serving in this position for 22 years, since 2000. Reports also claim that Dean has been looking forward to moving away from his present role from the last season, but he was convinced to stay to help and nurture the next generation referee.

    At present, Dean is the longest serving referee, and stats say that he has served in 553 matches. The legendary referee has seen some of the greatest matches in English football, including two FA Cup finals, and is much popular on social media too, for his no-nonsense style with players.

    The referee on his regard

    In February 2020, Mike Dean gave his interview to the Peter Crouch Podcast, on his confidence and arrogance as a Premier League referee. He said that there’s a touch of arrogance about him when he walks out on the pitch, and he knows there is. However, there’s also a lot of coincidence in himself because he believes in his own abilities.

    Because of the way he does his job, if the ball comes towards him, he won’t jump out of the way, he’ll let it go between his legs. That’s just how it is, Mike Dean added.

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