Here’s the list of changes brought by the UEFA which will become official in April

The UEFA is all set to introduce some new rules in April, as they look forward to controlling the teams spending when it comes to the salaries of the players as well as their transfer fees. All the UEFA clubs have three years on their hand to adapt to the new regulations which will be made official by the UEFA soon. The regulations dictate that the expenses should not exceed an amount of 70% of what they generate, in the tournaments conducted by the UEFA, appearing to be the sanction in the event that they don’t comply.

The current rules of the UEFA came into force 12 years back in 2010 when the budget of the clubs were monitored every three games. With the alignment of the new rules, the financial controls which were taken with a span of three matches will now take place each season.

10 million euros margin given by the UEFA

UEFA is all set to approve the new framework on April 7, and their clubs will administer flexibility up to 10 million euros. The clubs who will not obey the new rules will be dismissed either from the Champions League to Europa League, or Europa League to the Conference League. If a club from the Conference League disobeys the rules, they will be thrown out of the tournament and will not be permitted to play in Europe.

As said, the clubs will get three year period to adapt these rules, and will be asked to spend 90% of their income in these three seasons. Sources also state that the Premier League wanted that the percentage should be set at 85%. Reports also claim that there are 40 clubs that might not comply with the new rules. It is to be seen whether the new regulations get approved or not, but most likely the same is going to be approved soon.

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