Barcelona Smacks Sensational El Clasico Win: Factors that Helped them Embarrass Real Madrid

    Monday night marked the sensational victory for Barcelona at the El Clasico after an incredible display from Aubameyang followed by Araujo and Ferran Tores. Regardless of the fact every team member deserves equal appreciation behind this historic win, there’s a name that comes before all: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. 

    Let’s take a look at the important factors that had a great impact on Barca’s tremendous win yesterday and helped them embarrass Real Madrid at the El Clasico.

    Factors That Helped Barcelona Launcha Quality Win in the El Classico


    It’s spectacular what a great striker can do! Fans are aware of the fact that Barcelona had struggled to find typical consistency in attack ever since Luis Suarez’s best days. And then, Aubameyang had been the key in this sector. With great confidence and energy, the ex Arsenal man had done it for the team be it close finishes or cantering golazos from distance. Two stunners from him in the last match helped his team climb up the ladder to score those crucial three points. 

    The Gabon superstar had only played for 57 minutes in his first two games to get fit. Ever since he’s been outstanding which apparently makes the fans think that he’s been there for years!

    Ferran and Traore’s Quick Adaptation

    It’s phenomenal how quick Ferran and Traore have found their footing. Ever since joining Barcelona during the winter transfer window, Ferran had four goals and three assists (before Sunday’s match) in his cabinet. Traore, on the other hand, had four assists and fans wouldn’t be shocked if the number doubles by the season’s end.

    High Spirits

    In Xavi’s era, the squad has been exceptional with dramatic improvement in performance. Xavi had been phenomenal to modify the team culture quite soon and it consequently led to upgradation in the team’s trajectory.

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