Top 10 Best Hydrogen Cars available in the World in 2022

    Nowadays Hydrogen cars are in big demand in the automobile market.  There are many such advanced  Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, like the Toyota  Mirai. It was launched in India by the  Union Minister of  Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari.

    This car has been revealed as a part of the pilot project that has been undertaken by Toyota  Kirloskar Motor and  International Center for the Automotive  Technology (ICAT) due to the study and the valuation with Toyota  Mirai on Indian roads and also with the climatic conditions. There are also many automobile giants like Ford, Mercedes-Benz who collaborated to make a new and high-tech hydrogen fuel generated car.

    Here are the Top 10 Best Hydrogen Cars in the World:

    The technology behind the riversimple hydrogen fuel cell car

    10. Riversimple

    It is Welsh start-up Riversimple is also allowing  UK drivers to lease the hydrogen-powered car, the  Rasa, this year. Riversimple also will offer three-month and six-month leases for 60 to 80 UK  residents.

    This hydrogen car also can boost a 300-mile range and is also super lightweight coming in under 1,300 pounds. The steering wheel has been wrapped up with a  material called Alcantara.

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    9. Mercedes-Benz

    This car will launch its plug-in hydrogen car named GLCX F-Cell at some point this year. The automakers say it will have such an all-electric range of 30 miles and a  collective range id 310 miles with hydrogen fuel cells.

    Startup Shows Ford Ranger-Based Hydrogen Fuel Cell Pickup

    8. Ford

    Ford targeting to launch the first affordable, mass-market vehicle by 2017. In January 2013, Ford declared it was teaming up with Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler and  Nissan to accelerate the creation of fuel cell technology.

    BMW X5 hydrogen fuel cell details revealed - CarWale

    7. BMW

    BMW has been collaborating with Toyota to make the hydrogen drivetrains in its  2020 car. BMW says the hydrogen car also will have a range exceeding  300 miles with a refuel time of under five minutes.

    Audi h-tron quattro |

    6. Audi

    Audi also represents an idea of the car, the h-Tron Quattro, at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show that the automaker says can drive 372 miles on hydrogen alone. Audi also reveals that the mustard yellow, fuel cell car also can go from 0 to 62 miles per h0our  in under 7.1 seconds.

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    5. Lexus

    Lexus also wants to unveil the hydrogen-powered car in 2020. This car also has been come with such high-tech perks just like a  display that also can be controlled with simple hand gestures.

    Toyota Mirai - Wikipedia

    4. Toyota Mirai

    This car can generate awareness about the utilization of Green Hydrogen and FCEV technology. It seems that an initiative to promote such clean energy and environment for promoting such of the clean energy and environmental protection by decreasing dependence on fossils duels and also making India energy self-reliant by 2047. The Green Hydrogen offering such of huge opportunities to decarbonize the range of such sectors containing road transportation.

    It has been claimed such of the range across the  640 km in between refilling and also has such 5.6 kg-volume hydrogen tank that also can be topped up with such a pretty fast. This Mirai can cover 1,35890 km. Now it is in the Guinness Book of World Record like it was the longest distance managed by an FCEV without stopping the refueling. It is a  five-seater hydrogen fuel cell tech that also has been claimed to make a power output of 182 Hp and 300 Nm of torque.

    GM Partners With U.S. Army for Hydrogen-Powered Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 |  Fortune

    3. General Motors

    General Motors revealed that monster of a hydrogen-powered car at the fall meeting of the  Association of the US Army in October. It seems that the car comes with 37-inch tires and standing art more than 6.5-feet and 7-feet wide.

    2019 HONDA CLARITY - Interior Exterior and Features | Fuel Cell - YouTube

    2. Honda Clarity

    Honda has started to lead the clarity in California at the end of  2016. The  EPA currently gives the car an estimated range of 366 miles with the longest range of any zero-emission vehicle. Honda says the Clarify has a  refuel time of just three to five minutes.

    What are hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles and why they make more sense than EVs  in India | The Financial Express

    1. The Alt-Fuel

    General Motors and Honda collaborate to make a big move to build hydrogen cars as a reality. The two automakers are invested $85 million to mass-produce the tech that will power hydrogen cars starting in 2020. It seems that not many people are very familiar with hydrogen-powered cars and also from an infrastructure standpoint that is purely electric vehicles and make more sense.

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