Apple’s Retail partners start expanding their operations for Future Apple products

    Apple is a prominent player in the market and has been seeing tremendous sales, and as such the company’s retail partners are optimistic about the company’s expansion in the smartphone and tablet markets and are ready to expand their operations appropriately. After seeing a large increase in iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch sales in the last 18 months, the company’s partners in the North, South, and East regions are ready to extend their presence.

    Apple premium resellers (APRs) such as Unicorn Infosolutions, destiny shops, and Coimbatore iPlanet told ET that affordability, increased customer aspiration, and Apple’s aggressive portfolio are driving sales in their stores across the country.

    Unicorn Infosolutions, Apple’s largest preferred reseller, is targeting a revenue of Rs 5000 crore by 2025, up from a projected Rs 1600 crore this fiscal year. By 2025, it wants to be the world’s largest preferred retailer for Apple.

    Unicorn, Apple’s largest retail partner in India, also wants to grow the overall number of Apple stores from 33 to 75 in the next three years. It will also open four more flagship stores in India, bringing the total to seven. “The amount of money we invest varies depending on the city and the company concept. “We will continue to grow,” Singh stated.

    Unicorn, which began working with Apple in India in 1996, has established its largest 3800-square-foot Apple Flagship Premium Reseller store in Gurgaon’s CyberHub. To open its largest store, the retailer purchased a neighbouring space that used to be a Samsung store and integrated it with another 2000 sq. ft area.

    According to Ramanand, iPlanet has grown by 35% year over year and is continuing to do so on a QoQ basis.

    Apple goods are available through thousands of retail locations in approximately 150 cities and towns, as well as through Apple’s trusted partners. Apple will expand its focus with the planned opening of Apple Retail Stores in Delhi and Mumbai, which will complement its online store launched in September 2020. It hasn’t, however, established a timetable for this.

    Apple product sales have increased in the previous 18 months, according to Vijay Dugar, Director of destiny, which has stores in Kolkata and locations such as Guwahati, Ranchi, Patna, and Bhubaneswar. “It’s pandemic-proof,” says the author. Customers accept the fact that there is a waiting period. This is unheard of in today’s world. “In the pandemic, we’ve increased the number of stores,” he added.


    Destiny, which now has ten locations, wants to open five to six new locations in the capital cities of states in the country’s east and northeast. According to Dugar, individuals in the eastern part of the country have a distinct perspective since they want to physically feel the goods, which leads to more foot traffic in stores. “Apple is a prestige symbol in certain cities.” People in tier 2 cities have higher aspirations, which is pushing up sales.”

    Affordability plans and buyback possibilities, according to Dugar, are the main drivers of Apple sales in these locations. “We don’t launch new stores until we have affordable and flexible financing alternatives with our partners.”

    Offline retail is a critical cornerstone for fostering and extending Apple’s India growth storey, according to Prabhu Ram, head of CMR’s Industry Intelligence Group. “These offline retail touchpoints, such as the recently opened Apple premium reseller stores and the planned Apple-owned and managed flagship retail stores, will be able to provide customers with product experience, expert knowledge, and access to Apple services.”

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