Women’s FA Cup will have gigantic increased prize money 3 million pounds from next season

The governing authority of the FA Cup, i.e., the Football Association has disclosed that the Women’s FA Cup will experience a massive increase in money which is 3 million pounds for the 2022-23 season. At present, the prize pot stands at only 309,000 pounds signifying that the next season will experience a gigantic rise in the winnings.

The governing authority is yet to decide on the way to divide the money and allocate it but wants all clubs that enter this competition to benefit. It signifies that a disproportionate amount of it will get invested into the early rounds assisting the clubs further down in the pyramid.

Sue Campbell in this regard

The director of Women’s football at FA, Sue Campbell said in this regard that he is delighted to be able to make this announcement the increased funding for the Women’s FA Cup is going to benefit multiple clubs across the women’s football pyramid.

He further added that the FA Cup for both men and women is the best as well as the biggest domestic cup competition in the world. In addition to that, the increased investment from the FA displays that we want clubs to compete to get rewards while also displaying their ongoing commitment to the women’s game.

The disparity of the prize money this season in the FA Cup

The gigantic increase in the prize money for the Women’s FA Cup has also come in with considering another reason as fans hugely protested against the disparity in prize money this season. The 309,000 pounds money value shared by 300 teams in the women’s competition is extremely less, which has valued only 2 percent of the 15.9 million pounds in the men’s tournament. Hence, it is a great decision taken by the organization that will please the fans and will also help in the betterment of the tournament.

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