Concern on Barcelona’s negative salary for their huge signings in future like Erling Haaland

    La Liga has disclosed the salary limits of all the first-tier as well as the second-tier clubs and from it is known that Barcelona FC’s salary limit has been reduced to a significant mark of -144 million euros. The corporate general director of La Liga, Javier Gomez explained how this situation of the Catalan giants has come out with a negative limit. He said in this regard that the reduction of 242 million euros signifies that it was estimated Barcelona would experience smaller losses than the present situation has come around.

    He also stated in this regard that the negative limit doesn’t signify anything based on the club’s current season signings. It signifies that there will be more of a limit in the upcoming seasons until there are profits or capital gains.

    More on Barcelona’s negative limit effect

    Javier Gomez made it clear that no club will have any preferential treatment and assessed the possible intention of Barcelona to sign the CVC agreement. He stated that the way to enhance the limit is by having the capital gains by either CVC or via other assets. Also, they could use capital increases to rebalance it but not for Camp Nou. They have faced deterioration in net worth which they must recover, he added.

    Based on the negative salary limits on the policy of Barcelona’s transfer, the corporate general director said that as long as the situation is similar the only one and only way will sign players will be via the one-for-four rule reflected in Article 100. This signifies that for every euro, Los Blaugrana wants to spend for a signing or even a contract renewal they need to secure four euros from either salary cuts or sales.

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