Elden Ring has been beaten in just 33 minutes

    Elden Ring has been defeated in less than half an hour. That is truly amazing work! Another day, another speedrun record for Elden Ring. It was reported last week that the game was over in two and a half hours, then under an hour, and finally under 50 minutes. Now Distortion2, who was in charge the last time, has completed the game in just 33 minutes.

    So, how does one go about doing it? To begin, Distortion2 has taught Torrent, the horse, some excellent ways throughout the map, utilising double jumps to quickly skip places. T

    hen he employs a speedrun technique known as erroneous warping, in which he causes the game to reload and warps his character to a new location on the map, effectively skipping the majority of the game.

    Elden Ring

    The samurai appears to be the speedrunner’s preferred, because the initial Uchigatana sword induces blood loss, which is useful against monsters. Given the game’s popularity, it won’t be long before this time is beaten once more. Elden Ring speedruns are pouring in thick and fast – hasn’t even posted any yet. Dealing with the endless discourse is perhaps much more difficult than speedrunning the game; this is something we need to discuss more frequently.


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