IPL 2022: BCCI to earn a 800 crore deal from IPL sponsors, know about the top sponsors

    The BCCI will be earning a lot of profit this year through the Sponsorship deals. BCCI will earn a l more than 800 Crores from the Indian Premiere League (IPL 2022) via the major sponsorships. BCCI is all set to make a record till date in 15 seasons of IPL. BCCI has signed a their new title sponsor as TATA and two brand new associate sponsors.

    The IPL GC has sealed the deals with RuPay and Swiggy. Instamart is the new sponsor for IPL. The board has now 9 top brands for IPL 2022.

    The deal with RuPay is 42 crores and Swiggy Instamart was signed at 44 Crore per annum.

    “This clearly shows the value IPL as a brand has. We are absolutely delighted with these new sponsorships in place. I don’t want to comment on absolute number but this year we will clock  the highest ever sponsorship revenues for IPL 2022”, said BCCI Secretary Jay Shah.

    A number of sponsors got raised this year. The second major gain BCCI had was through the TATA Group which is paying less than 335 Crore but BCCI will earn more due to the new tie-up.

    IPL Title Sponsorship Mathematics

    • VIVO Deal: 440 Crore Per Season
    • TATA Motors offer 335 Crore Per Season
    • Deficit Per Season: 105 Crores
    • Total Deficit for 2 Seasons 210 Crores

    The deal has been transferred in a manner that all deficits will be borne by VIVO.

    BCCI will also get PRO-RATA payments of the increase due to the increase in matches in IPL 2022 and IPL 2023.

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    Credits- Cricket Addictor

    VIVO will pay 484 Cr for IPL 2022 & 512 Crores for IPL 2023 if there’s an increase in the number of matches during the two upcoming seasons.

    VIVO was supposed to pay 996 Crore to BCCI for the next two seasons. TATA Group is all set to pay 670 Crores to the BCCI in the next two seasons. The remaining amount will be paid by the former sponsor Vivo.

    VIVO will also pay ‘TRANSFER FEE’ to the BCCI. All this will come in between 500 Crore for BCCI from the Title Sponsorship slot.

    IPL Sponsorships Revenue for BCCI

    • BCCI has SIX IPL Official Partner Slots
    • Swiggy Instamart & RuPay are the new additions – both paying in the range of 42 to 44 Crores.
    • BCCI TITLE SPONSORSHIP slot will add 500 Crore to the board.
    • PayTM iwill continue as Official Partner & Ceat as Strategic Timeout Partner.

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