Formula One Superstar Sebastian Vettel Once Again Marks a pro-Ukraine, Anti War Statement on the Very Fast Pre-season Testing Day in Bahrain

    After Russia invaded its neighbor, Ukraine, the superstar Formula One star Sebastian Vettel spoke out, insisting his reluctance to drive at the Russian Grand Prix if the same would take place in Sochi, and a day after 2022 was permanently postponed.

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    Sebastian Vettel Shows Support for Ukraine

    The Aston Martin driver showed his support for the invaded country with a helmet, displaying Ukraine’s colors, with ‘No War’, a dove signifying peace, and lyrics from John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ appearing on the top as the grid binds against the attack. The helmet is designed by Jens Munster. He tweeted:

    Imagine all the people *living life in peace #RacingUnited #StandWithUkraine No War.

    However, Sebastian Vettel has been criticized for the appearance of sponsor Saudi Arabian Oil Company Aramco at the top.

    Star F1 Driver’s Support for Ukraine: What did the 34-year Old Say?

    Talking about his straightforward opposition to the war, Sebastian Vettel said that he thinks everyone has an attitude. The question lies in the fact if everyone always is sure enough to share the attitude. He further added that he isn’t shy about the same rather quite the opposite. He thinks there are specific topics where one can’t remain silent. 

    Vettel even said that the feeling is even strange to get out of bed when one starts the day with the update, to motivate oneself when he knows those are the exact things that hold much higher significance. 

    However the star driver is an open LGBTQ+supporter and his team has faced criticism for the presence of Saudi Arabian oil company on the helmet, concerning the country’s association with conflict in Yemen. 

    Comments have flooded the internet. 


    The Aramco logo is jarring when Saudis are bombing Teke as we speak. 

    Meanwhile, he’s shamelessly promoting the brutal Havel Saudi Aramco Regime…

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