Blockchain Inventor: Who is David Chaum?

    People all around the world are slowly but steadily adopting blockchain, and as with anything, someone is credited with inventing this revolutionary technology. David Chaum, who earned a reputation for himself in the 1980s by hosting the first annual crypto and cryptology conference, dubbed ‘CRYPTO,’ is the person in question.

    David Chaum’s Background

    For his 1983 article, David Chaum is credited with inventing secure digital cash, which later introduced the cryptographic primitive of a blind signature. This breakthrough solidified the foundations for cryptocurrency, which is now widely utilized 40 years after Chaum’s development.

    David Chaum got a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Business Administration from the University of Berkeley in California, where he was born in 1955. He has a long history as a cryptographic protocol developer, researcher, and educator.

    Influence of Chaum on Blind Signatures

    A blind signature is a type of digital signature in which the content of a communication is hidden before it is signed in cryptography. Blind signatures are commonly used in privacy-related protocols where the signer and message author are not the same person. Cryptographic electoral systems and digital payment schemes are two examples.

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    Chaum introduced blind signatures in the same essay that he presented the concept of digital cash. The blind signature of a message can be publicly confirmed against the original message; the only issue is that we’d leave the message unprotected as if it were a standard digital signature.

    Chaum and Eugene van Heyst introduced group signatures in 1991. A member of a group can use these signatures to sign a communication anonymously and on behalf of the entire group. It’s worth noting that the group’s chosen administrator has the power to restore the anonymity of any group member’s signature.

    What exactly is Blockchain?

    Chaum was also a driving force behind the blockchain movement, which is a method of storing data that makes it difficult or impossible to alter, hack, or defraud the system. A blockchain is a digital log of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the blockchain’s complete network of computer systems.

    Each block on the chain contains several transactions, and whenever a new transaction occurs on the blockchain, a record of that transaction is added to the ledger of each participant.

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