English Premier League clubs agreeing to give assistance on humanitarian aid to Ukraine

    The English Premier League clubs have agreed to donate millions of pounds concerning humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Some of the top-flight Premier League clubs will donate the sum which will be the most direct contribution to those going through the hardships of the invasion from Russia. On the other hand, the PL clubs will also vote to cancel their television contract with Russia with Ramber Media, having a value of 6 million pounds.

    Last week, the Premier League opted to continue broadcasting matches in Russia but concerning the present consequences, it doesn’t seem like they are much pleased to continue the television contract. On the other hand, the FA along with EFL is also looking forward to ending their TV deals with Russia.

    Decision of the Premier League clubs to break the deal of TV rights

    The decision of the Premier League which was to insert political messaging into their international broadcast feed prompted a backlash from China with the iQIYI, the rights holders refused to show matches. The deal is of three years, having a value of 120 million pounds started in the current season. Hence if the contract is gone, there would certainly be a financial blow to the English clubs.

    It is understood that at present they have opted not to cancel the deal and see how the Chinese react in continuing the support in the near future. It is to be seen when and how these decisions take place. All these are now in action because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Though the bold move by the Premier League clubs is appreciated by many fans, many other individuals, as well as organizations, will also be inspired to help Ukraine in the same way. The exact sum by which the PL clubs will help Ukraine is to be confirmed soon.

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