“DMZ”: The New Trailer unveils Excited Rosario Dawson and the Post-Apocalyptic Manhattan

    HBO Max has revealed the release dater a and also the first trailer of the limited series DMZ. It seems that the series has been based on such a graphic novel having that same name and also features Dopesick’s, Rosario Dawson. DMZ  has set to hit this month.

    DMZ  the source material had created by the writer Brian Wood and also the artist Ricardo Burchielli and also has been taken place into the coming future into the version of such US that also has set to turning apart by the second time civil war.


    DMZ: Plot

    The story of the series follows such a medic who also must sneak into Manhattan also which has been termed to be a demilitarized zone and also has been set to be reunited along with her son after the two become isolated while the city had been evacuated.

    In the trailer, we have seen such Manhattan in Ruins. There is a  city full of crumbling billings and also has been overgrown along with the plant life. We will also see the lengths  Dawson’s character also has been willing to come through to find her son. Now she will have to be sneaking into the city by dodging the gunfire and also warring such of the factions on the inside.

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    It seems that there is another obstacle with her path with the strong gang leader that has been played by Benjamin Bratt who also ruling through fewer and he has risen to power while the city has become a demilitarized zone and chaos has erupted. It seems that the city is full of violence and danger across every corner and there are  Dawson’s character also has been ready to battle through it all.

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    DMZ: Cast

    This series features Dawson and Bratt, DMZ features Hoon Lee, Freddy Miyares, Jorden Preston Carter, and Venus Ariel. It seems that the series also contains starts Rutina Wesley, Nora Dunn, Jade Wu, Rey Gallegos, Mamie  Gunner, Agam Darshi, Juani Feliz, and Henry G. Sanders.

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    DMZ: Episode

    It seems that DMZ has four-episode limited series from such of the executive producer Ava DuVerney. It seems that DuVerney’s other credits contain the Academy  Awards nominated documentary 13th, there is also the Academy Award-winning  Selma, the Emmy winning limited series When They Se Us. 

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    It seems that the serving as an executive producer on the series, DuVerney also directed by Ernest R. Dickerson who also served as the director on the episodes of such series like The Walking Dead, Deter, and Raised By Wolves. It seems that DMZ  had been adapted for television by Roberto Patino then the other writings’ credits contain Westworld and Dons of anarchy. Now Patino also has been served as an executive producer on the series along with Paul Garnes,  with Carly Wray as the executive producer.

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    DMZ: Release Date

    It will stream all four episodes of DMZ on 17th March 2022.

    Here is the trailer:

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