Mary Jane Watson to soon join Spider-Man on Fortnite

    Marvel’s Spider-Man has received a lot of attention in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1, with him being included in the battle pass and his archnemesis Green Goblin being added to the item shop. Another of Peter Parker’s co-stars is poised to drop into the island, according to rumors, but this latest arrival is one Spidey would welcome.

    According to two renowned Fortnite leakers, Mary Jane Watson, the web-slinger’s longstanding companion, and love interest will shortly enter Fortnite via the Item Shop. FNBRIntel and InTheShadeYT have both leaked a photograph of the new skin, which depicts Mary Jane as she appears in the comics, with her distinctive red hair and wearing her favorite superhero’s outfit.

    Mary Jane has appeared in Marvel Comics with Peter Parker since the beginning, with her first full appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #42 in August 1966. Since then, she’s been represented by Kirsten Dunst, Zoe Kravitz, and, in the most current trilogy, Zendaya, in a slew of TV episodes, comics, and films. Zendaya’s “MJ” skin debuted in Fortnite earlier this season as part of the Spider-Man: No Way Home bundle.

    Mary Jane’s breach comes just days after hackers discovered an Ezio Auditore skin in the files of Fortnite’s latest update, hinting at the Italian assassin’s forthcoming entrance. The Mary Jane leak comes just one day after tennis sensation Naomi Osaka was officially added to the item shop, complete with two skins and a variety of goodies.


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