The terrifying state of the twisted finger of Karim Benzema

    Real Madrid star footballer Karim Benzema has shared a photo of his on social media where the shocking state of his finger was noticed by everyone. The fifth finger of the Frenchman shown in the photo has been badly twisted and also bent double in the photo, but the other fingers are straight. However, this twisted finger of Karim Benzema isn’t anything new to anyone. It has been in this state for nearly 3 years since 2019.

    In January 2019, Real Madrid locked horns against Real Betis at Estadio Benito Villamarin where Benzema fractured his finger and he was advised by the specialists that he should go under surgery. However, the striker avoided these and played football for months as his club was in badly need of him.

    Credits: MARCA

    Commitment by Karim Benzema

    The great commitment from the star footballer Karim Benzema inspires everyone as his devotion to the club hasn’t changed a single bit, and he has continuously played for Real Madrid with his fractured finger from that day since today. He is yet to undergo surgery for his finger, and it is not known when he will be able to do that, as he is having newly rediscovered duties now.

    Performance of the player

    However, despite having a fractured finger, it doesn’t seem to hamper his performance on the field. Even with a fractured part of his body he has performed a way better than before and has become one of the most important members of Los Blancos.

    In the post-Cristiano Ronaldo phase in Real Madrid, Karim Benzema has shown impressive efficiency and hasn’t let anyone feel the absence of the Portuguese legend. The twisted finger primarily doesn’t limit Benzema in his daily life, and it seems that he is happy to continue the same way that it is going now.

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