5 renowned footballers who went from filthy rich to penniless

    Everyone is fascinated with the stories of people who went rags to riches. Many football players earn fortunes if they get into the top tier of football in Europe. They also earn hundreds of thousands of pounds through sponsorship deals, advertisements, and campaigns.

    Let’s see the cases of some world-class footballers who went bankrupt. These stories prove that managing money is indeed much more difficult than earning money.

    1. Diego Maradona – The greatest Argentinian footballer of all time Dieogo Maradona, was selected as FIFA’s player of the century in 2000, and led his team La Albiceleste to a World Cup in 1986, was declared bankrupt in 2009. His drug addiction led him missing Napoli games and the club fined him $70,000. This legend had a tragic end as he passed away due to cardiac arrest in November 2020.
    2. Ronaldinho – The star player during the 2000s, who won the Ballon d’Or in 2005, was incredibly successful in his career. Ronaldinho lived a rich lifestyle but went bankrupt in 2018. He was also accused of illegal construction by the Brazilian government and indebted to £1.75 million. His passport was seized and he ended up in jail for entering the country illegally in 2020.
    3. Paul Gascoigne – A wonderful football player during the 1990s, Paul Gascoigne played for Tottenham Hotspur, Lazio, and Newcastle United. He struggled with some mental health issues later in his career and was accused of drugging, drunk driving, sexual assault, harassing his ex-girlfriend, and whatnot. He had a £42,000 bill of unpaid taxes and debt of £200,000, but anyhow he escaped bankruptcy.
    4. David James – This Premier League Legend played for the biggest clubs in England like Liverpool, Manchester City, Aston Villa, and West Ham United. However, David James went bankrupt in 2014 due to his debts and expensive divorce settlement.
    5. Celestine Babayaro – Babayaro’s team won Olympic gold in 1996 and he played for the likes of Anderlecht, LA Galaxy, Newcastle United, Chelsea during his successful career. But, Celestine Babayaro was declared bankrupt in 2011 and dragged to court by creditors.

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