Caoimhim Kelleher becomes the first goalkeeper to win three penalty shootouts

    Irish footballer Caoimhim Kelleher marked his name in the history of Liverpool glories by becoming the first goalkeeper to win three penalty shootouts. Kelleher helped the Reds emerge victoriously with his achievement in the Carabao Cup on Sunday. Jurgen Klopp and his men finally achieved the victory over Chelsea after a 22-penalty shootout.

    It was undoubtedly a tough fight between two of the best Premier League clubs, however in the end it was the counterpart of the Reds, i.e., Caoimhim Kelleher who helped his club in the win and achieved the record of winning the most shootouts ever by a Liverpool player. Earlier on Liverpool won another shootout against Leicester City to book their ticket to the semi-finals. He saved the first two penalty shots and then netted the winning shot for Liverpool to led them to glory.

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    Caoimhim Kelleher in this regard

    The 23-year-old young blood Caoimhim Kelleher said in this regard that it was a mad moment for him. He said that though he would save one shot. I got close to a few but when it came down to him, he didn’t realize that he had scored the winning penalty.

    He forgot that he scored the winning one. All the penalties from the lads were very classy so he was happy to score. He got his hand on a few but all the penalties were indeed very high quality thankfully they were able to win.

    He also added that their manager congratulated him for scoring the winning penalty. Indeed there’s a wall at Liverpool with all the goalies that have won tournaments and he said that now is their chance to get on that.

    Performance of the goalkeeper

    Caoimhim Kelleher has appeared 17 times in the first team of Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp went for him despite having number one experienced Alisson Becker, and Kelleher finally proved himself. Kelleher initially played as a striker in his teen ages but Jurgen Klopp praised him to play him in his current position.

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