Top 5 Premier League footballers with the highest number of away goals in history

The English Premier League has arguably been the greatest football league in the world for years, and there are a number of consistent goal scorers who have shown their efficiency in this tournament. It is primarily very difficult to score a large number of goals of the club the players are playing for. And it becomes harder when the challenge comes to score goals in their away matches.

Though players also goal in their away matches of the Premier League, there are very few footballers who have consistently shown their efficiency by scoring goals in their away matches. Check the top 5 names here in detail.

Andy Cole

Number 5 in this list comes with the name of the English footballer Andy Cole. One of the finest strikers of the Premier League, Cole secured the Golden boot award in the 1992-93 campaign by scoring 34 goals in 40 games. During that period, and his overall span in the Premier League, he has managed to score 83 away goals.


Frank Lampard

Considered one of the greatest players of Chelsea, Frank Lampard came to the club from West Ham during the 2001-02 season. Not only for Chelsea, but the Englishman is also among the greatest midfielders of all time in the Premier League. Besides, Lampard is often considered as the best player of Chelsea who is also the highest scorer for them with 211 goals. In his overall Premier League career, he has registered 85 away goals.

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Alan Shearer

Another prolific striker of the Premier League, Alan Shearer, marks his name in the third position of having the most number of goals in the Premier League. Besides, he holds the record of being the highest goal scorer in the Premier League history to date and has also been the quickest to reach hundred PL goals, in 124 games. The Englishman has 87 away goals in his pocket.

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Harry Kane

Despite Tottenham Hotspur having struggled to win trophies in their EPL history, they have got some impressive players, and Harry Kane is the greatest example. The 28-year-old has netted 171 goals for his club till now in which 90 goals have come in away matches. Kane has also secured the Golden Boot three times in his career till now.

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Wayne Rooney

Despite being very underrated, Wayne Rooney is definitely on the list of greatest Premier League players of his generation. Rooney played both as a striker as well as a midfielder and won numerous trophies with Manchester United. He holds the record of being the second-highest scorer in the PL history which is 208, and the number of away goals he scored in the tournament is 94.

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