Take a look at this stunning new Concept design of Apple Foldable MacBook 20-inch

    Apple is rumoured to be working on a 20-inch foldable MacBook, although such a product could take a while to come to fruition. While Apple strives to improve this MacBook version, have a look at this stunning design called the ‘MacBook Folio,’ which depicts precisely what you want from a foldable portable Mac.

    MacBook Folio 15 1480x833 1
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    Touch ID and Face ID are both supported by the MacBook Folio idea. Antonio De Rosa cleverly placed the fingerprint scanner on the device’s side, making it function similarly to the iPad Air 4. Instead of being incorporated in a notch, the Face ID sensors are embedded in a ‘pill + punch-hole cutout at the top of the foldable MacBook. We believe this is the best way because it adds screen real estate and does not detract from the aesthetic.

    MacBook Folio 19 1480x833 1
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    If you want a larger view of whatever you’re watching, the MacBook Folio’s touchscreen keyboard may be used as a display. A keyboard will appear if you’re going to perform some productivity-related tasks. However, we’re not sure how the tactile feedback compares to a real keyboard with physical keys. There’s also a stylus that supports ‘Hey Siri.’ Overall, the MacBook Folio is reminiscent of the iPad Pro, with rounded corners and flat sides.

    Because of the MacBook Folio’s thinness, no I/O larger than USB-C ports can be accommodated. If this concept becomes a reality, they will most likely support Thunderbolt 4 or Thunderbolt 5 if the newer standard is introduced in the future. The time and effort required to develop such a product must be practical, portable, and functional. In other words, we wouldn’t be astonished if it cost less than $2,499.

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