Manifest Season 4: Will it Release in November?

    Despite NBC’s announcement regarding the show cancellation last June, Manifest is ready to be back in 2022 after Netflix agreed on a contract to stream the successful TV series’ fourth season. 

    The news of Manifest’s return came in in August 2021. The shooting for the show’s fourth season started back in March after the streaming giant finalized a deal with Warner Bros.

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    Manifest Season 4: What are the Actors Saying?

    Actor J.R Ramirez wrote in one of his Instagram posts last November, ” Alright, I’m gonna try to keep this short and sweet.” He then added walking through the stages this time felt different. He has been in this business for close to two decades now and he’s well aware of landing a team of cast and crew that is as collaborative and dedicated in his opinion and “most importantly” Ego checked as the massively talented humans, and it rarely happens. 

    Ramirez further added, that only on day one was the appreciation level for the group for the role in Manifest. He concluded the more saying that all the magic is happening for the crew guys and he can’t wait long to see how things come together.

    Manifest Season 4: Release Date

    Just after few months after the filming of the Manifest Season 4 began, Manifest creator Jeff Rake posted on Twitter to reveal the release month for the series after popular American author Stephen King publicly wandered about when the show was coming back. 

    To King’s Tweet, Rake’s response was “I’m hearing November.”

    Though Rake didn’t reveal the actual date, an exciting fan theory suggests that Manifest Season 4 will be released on November 4, which was the day when the Montego Air Flight 828 passengers came back after five years of being assumed dead.

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