Top 5 most followed cricket players on social media in 2022

    Cricket is slowly and steadily making its presence in the global space. It is a sport that attracts the audience’s attention on different digital platforms. The cricketers enjoy a lot of love from their fans in the countries where it is played.

    Owing to the cricketer’s popularity in a country like India, several brands dive into this platform and hope to take the cricketers on board for the endorsements. Social media also plays a huge role in increasing a cricketer’s brand value

    Here are the list of the top 5 cricketers who’re followed the most on social media

    1. Virat Kohli-278.8 million

    1598516179 virat kohli instagram 1522504726
    Credits- News18

    Virat Kohli today is not only looked upon as a cricketer but as a brand. He tops the list with a total of 278.8 million followers across Twitter, Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, he’s the most followed Asian enjoying 183 million followers, on Facebook and Twitter he has a total of 49 million and 46.8 million heads respectively. He has 150 million more followers the second-placed that states his popularity among the youth.

    2. Sachin Tendulkar- 106.9 million

    IndiaTv242bb2 sachin tendulkar instagram
    Credits- India TV News

    Sachin Tendulkar. who’s often regarded as the “God of Cricket” took retirement from all the formats of cricket in 2013 but till today he enjoys a huge follower base. He has a total of almost 107 million followers online. It is divided into 33M followers on Instagram, 37M on Facebook and almost 36.9M on Twitter.

    3. Mahendra Singh Dhoni- 72.9 million

    Sakshi with MS Dhoni

    Often regarded as the best captain that India ever got, MS Dhoni, created records on-field and is continuing the same practice off-field too. He has a total of 37.5 million followers on Instagram, 27 million on Facebook and almost 8.4 million on Twitter. MS isn’t that active on social media but considering the number he enjoys, it’s massive.

    4. Rohit Sharma- 63.8 million

    1607339751 rohit sharma
    Credits- News18

    India’s present all-format skipper Rohit Sharma enjoys the fourth list. He has 22.7 M on Instagram, 20 M on Facebook and 20.1M on Twitter. The cricketer is active on social media with his regular posts. Often, the fans can see the cricketer supporting different causes and also doing several brand endorsements.

    5. Suresh Raina- 44.4 million

    Credits- Times of India

    The fifth position is taken by Suresh Raina who has 29.7 million followers on Twitter, 18.7 million on Instagram and 6 million followers on Facebook. The cricketer is very active on social media posting about his personal life, training and cooking videos.

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