Dragon Ball FighterZ is now available on PC Game Pass starting February 24

    On February 24th, Dragon Ball FighterZ news received a new addition (tomorrow as of the time of writing). On all platforms, the game’s probably final DLC character, an alternate form of base game character Android 21, will be published. She also received a new trailer and character analysis, and users will be able to purchase her starting tomorrow.

    Another piece of good news is on the way for PC gamers. Dragon Ball FighterZ will also be available to download through the Xbox Game Pass For PC service starting tomorrow. Previously, the game’s PC releases were limited to Steam only (as a lot of Dragon Ball games happen to be).

    That, however, is about to change. If you have an active Xbox Game Pass for PC membership, you can download and play the game on your PC if you haven’t previously done so on Steam. To be honest, it’s wonderful to see the game take up more PC space and provide users a choice to buy the game outright, given games can be quite pricey these days.

    Will the Game Pass for PC support crossplay with Steam users or only with other Xbox users? This question arises about another Xbox-owned fighting game, Killer Instinct. The game’s Definitive Edition, which costs USD 39.99, includes crossplay with Xbox One and Windows 10 users, as well as partial crossplay with Steam users (except Ranked Matches).

    Currently, there is no response on Steam connectivity. Xbox customers, on the other hand, will almost certainly be able to compete with their new Windows 10 rivals, given both run under the Xbox banner. Dragon Ball FighterZ is now available via Steam and (as of tomorrow) the Windows 10 Store on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


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