UEFA planning to move the Champions League away from Russia

    The governing authority of the Champions League, the UEFA is planning to move the tournament away from Russia which was earlier on set to take place there, at St. Petersburg. This decision is taken concerning Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which the associated press reported. UEFA confirmed that there will be a meeting held on this on Friday.

    The meeting will consist of the executive committee of the governing authority to discuss the geopolitical crisis and when the officials are set to confirm taking the final, which is set to take place on May 28, whether it should be finally taken out of Russia or not.

    UEFA in this regard

    UEFA said more in this regard that following the evolution of the situation in between Ukraine and Russia in the last 24 hours, the president of the UEFA has decided to call an extraordinary meeting of the executive committee for evaluating the situation and take the necessary precautions early.

    The British Government along with many fan groups had been asking the UEFA not to play longer at St. Petersburg in Russia, where it is Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom sponsored. The group of Fans supporters in Europe tweeted that on this tragic day, their thoughts are with everyone in Ukraine along with their friends, members, colleagues, and their loved ones. They are expecting an imminent announcement from UEFA on the relocation of the Champions League.

    Where will the Champions League final take place?

    On Friday, in the meeting which is set to take place based on whether the venue will finally be shifted or not, it might also be fixed that where would the Champions League final be shifted. The final is on May 28, and not far from today with nearly 2 months left. Hence, it is hoped that the decision will also be taken early.

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