Top 15 Car Makers in the world in 2022

This coronavirus pandemic situation has hit hugely to the automobile industry but now it is trying to get back the momentum. It was very challenging for the world’s Automotive Industries like zero sales for many brands, but in this H1 of 2021, the market has seen positive growth in sales in the whole world. Last year all the launching cars are not the cars which were expected by the car manufacturers and due to the terrible situation, the car manufacturers have decided to push back the date of launches of the cars in the world. Now the industry gets stability and it is the most significant sector for the global economy.

Here is the list of Top 15 Car Makers in the world:

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15. Tata Motors

Market Capital: $45 billion

It is an Indian Multinational automotive car company. This company always satisfies the customer’s desire as they are focused on safety, designs, connectivity. It is also a good and progressive  Indian automobile company.

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14. Nissan Motor

Market Capital: $70 billion

It is a Japanese automaker set up in the year 1933 in Yokohama city in Japan. The company had done a massive evolution in the car industry. This company always heavily investing in “green” technologies that contain clean types of diesel, efficient internal combustion.

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13. SAIC Motor

Market Capital: $62.61 billion

It is one of the largest Chinese automakers. This company is the Big 4 Chinese top car brand. This company manufacture vehicles, components, auto trade and services, and also financing. The company now has a new SAIC plane coming to Thailand.

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12. Stellantis

Market Capital: $62.61 billion

It is also the world’s one of big car manufacturer company and providing the dependable and also such inexpensive mobility solutions. It seems that the  Dutch domiciled automotive firm was established on 16th January 2022. It provides automobiles, auto components, and commercial vehicles that are designed and manufactured and also has been developed and also solve by the firm.

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11. NIO

Market Capital: $67.44 billion

This car manufacturing company was created in 2014 by the creator William Li and rises quickly. This is a chines based car company that gets involved in automotive technology and also design and manufacture electric cars. This company has extended its operations with other nations like Germany, the US, the UK, and Hong Kong.

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10. BYD

Market Capital: $ 79.23 billion

BYD is mainly a Chinese car company. This company was started the firm in 1995 and now servicing a global market from the headquarters in  Shenzhen.

This car company made hybrid and full-electric vehicles, light trucks, buses, solar panels, forklifts, battery-powered bicycles, and also rechargeable batteries.

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9. Hyundai

Market Capital: $98 billion

It is a  South Korean automaker company. This company deals with the manufacturing and distribution segment of automobiles and also provides financial services in the form of credit and insurance with the customers and also in the manufacturing of railways.

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8. Honda Motor

Market Capital: $123 billion

It is mainly a Japanese multinational automotive and motorcycle company. This company mainly deals with automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles with power equipment that boasts the running of Honda equipment.


7. BMW

Market Capital: $ 128 billion

BMW is one of the repudiate car manufacturing company evolved over time as the result of the creative moves with high-quality technology. This BMW is mainly a German business formed in 1916 and now servicing the global markets. This company manufactures motorbikes and luxury vehicles for the customers.

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6. Ford Motor Company

Market Capital: $135 billion

This car manufacturing company was established by Henry Ford It is a vehicle manufacturer providing industry-standard commercial vehicles and automobiles under the Ford brand and luxury vehicles under the Lincoln brand. The customers also get the services like vehicle leasing and automobile finance from the firm.

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5. General Motors

Market Capital: $ 130 billion

It is also one of the automotive brands. GM has always pushed the boundaries of engineering. It is an American car company that designs, markets, produces, and also distributes commercial cars and also vehicle components provided in the financial services. This company was founded in 1908 and is the largest automotive in America.

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4. Daimler

Market Capital: $174 billion

Daimer mainly manufactures passenger cars, off-road vehicles, vans, and commercial vehicles like transport trucks and buses. It also produces cars for a number of manufacturers containing Daimler, Mercedes-Benz, Western-Star, FUSO, and others. This company produced 2,804,402 automobiles in 2020.

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3. Toyota

Market Capital: $246.61 billion

This car giant is a traditional automotive marque that just has been integrated several high-end technologies for keeping up with the times and satisfy the customers with such a diverse product portfolio containing engines,  commercial vehicles, luxury vehicles, and robots. In 2022 and 2021 it made 9,472,556 and 9,213,195 vehicles respectively.

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2. Volkswagen

Market Capital: $ 302 billion

This German car company was established in 1937. This top car company is involved in the distribution, production, and design of engines, commercial and passenger vehicles, turbomachinery, and motorbikes. Volkswagen has 100 manufacturing plants in 27 countries. In 2020, it produce 8,900,000 cars.

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1. Tesla

Market Capital: $ 582.93 billion

The automotive industry is now driven by new technologies. This top cat company is involved in the automotive solar energy generating and battery energy storage businesses. The vehicle product range contains the Tesla Model Y, Model X, Model 3, and Model S. In 2020, Tesla made 509,737 automobiles, 3,022 MWh batteries, and 205 MW solar.

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